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The Zaky Infant Hand Pillow

The Zaky provides an ergonomic environment that promotes falling asleep while supervised.
The Zaky must be removed after the baby is sleeping.

Looking for a gift for 'the person who has everything?'
or for 'something a bit different and unique'!


Ergonomic & award-winning bonding, therapeutic, comforting, positioning aid, as well as transitional item.
Also proven to assist with sleep, pain management, and your child's physical/psychological development.
Imitates the touch, scent, weight, and warmth of your hands, helping your child even when you are away.


"Zaky's are hand shaped devices that cradle and love babies, just like real hands"


The Zaky is made of 100% anti-pilling soft micro-fleece and the filling is an anti-microbial material. There is a lining of 100% polyester that has 2 reinforced seams.

  • The Zaky is NOT A TOY
  • Do not use it on or around the face
  • DO NOT leave your child unattended while using the Zaky 
  • Discontinue its use IMMEDIATELY if any seam is not intact 
  • Do not share the Zaky among babies to prevent contamination 
  • Consult the medical personnel when using it with a sick child.
Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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